Fruity Loops Intermediate Music Production Course

R 6,000.00

Production courses in 3 stages: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Want to make music?  Release your own creativity and make people dance to it? Then Pioneer DJ institute is the best place to make that dream a living reality. We have the best certified Pioneer DJ lectures. 
  • Our students have a vibrant and energetic learning environment where their imagination can take flight and knowledge is foremost. 
  • Theory and practical lessons based tuition that allows one to have a hands-on experience.
  • 1 on 1 classes 


  1. Workflow
  2. Using and creating templates
  3. Collab with a student or your Lecturer
  4. Getting to know plugins/vst’s (in-depth)
  5. Using hardware in the studio
  6. Expanding FL studio
  7. Sound design/layering
  8. Recording (Drums/Vocals)
  9. Advanced Drum kit compilation
  10. Art appreciation (creativity)
  11. Music Arrangement
  12. EQ and Mastering


To take part in this course you will need your own PC/Laptop, as this is our preferred way of teaching, although we have all equipment to get you started and making hits. 


1 on 1 classes 

8 x 2 hour lessons completed in your own time 

Fees & Payments 

Fees of R6000 and R150 registration are to be paid upfront to secure your booking. Once paid, students you can book their lessons 

Pay installments and start now: R3000 Month 1 & R3000 Month 2

Studio Hours:

Tuesday - Friday  09:00 - 17:00

Saturday -             09:00 - 14:00

Public holidays -   Closed

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