Complete DJ & Music Production Course (6 Month Course)

R 30,000.00

Have you always wanted to make your own beats... & then play them at a gig? The Complete DJ & Music Production Course is the ‘All in one’ solution for aspiring DJs and Artists. Choose a genre of your choice, we suggest more than one for this course.

Enrol and get started at any time of the year, within 6 months you will be completed.

Never Dj'ed or made a beat before? No problem.  Our lecturers will take you from your current skill level and bump you up with the skills you need right now.  The purpose of this training is to gain experience through practice, In addition to a healthy dose of one on one practical lessons.

In this program Students get a feel of what it is like to start from scratch working on drums, Audio/Midi work/ FX / Remix and collaboration projects.

Advanced Mixing and mastering to working with recording artist's in a studio environment.


Music Production Topics covered include:

Search, create Art
Intro to Music Theory
VST Instruments
Automation / Playlist
Mixer / EQ /Effects
Beat Construction
Track Arrangement
Using and creating templates
Getting to know plugins/vst’s (in-depth)
Sound design
Sampling, remix projects
Audio recording
Mixing and Mastering
Audio formats and rendering
Colab with your Lecturer 
Expanding Ableton / FL studio


DJ Topics covered include: *Dj Courses (Basics / Pro / Mentorship)

Thorough explanation of all Pioneer DJ Gear
Beatmatching Basic – Advanced
Hot- cue `s and Sampling
FX on the go
Looping, Quantize mode
Ultimix style of mixing (3 decks)
Rekordbox DJ playlist 
Recording an Ultimix for radio stations
Advanced Set structure
Mixing in key
Live drops
Working with different digital setup
 Mentorship (Marketing / Samro / Get gigs)


3-4 x 2Hr sessions per week

1 on 1 Classes

*Lessons are scheduled with your Lecturer (6Month limit)


Graduation days are fun for the family/friends to join and see your new skills, after passing your course you will receive a Certificate

Entry Requirements:

To take part in this course you will need your own PC/Laptop, as this is our preferred way of teaching, although we have all equipment to get you started.


Payment Options:

Once off – R30000

6 Month payment plan – R6000 x 6 months = R36000

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