Most Played AT The School - September

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Most Played AT The School - August

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REMIX your Fav! Lecturer

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Introducing... AmaPiano Music Production

Inside the Rise of Amapiano, the Genre That’s Taking Over South Africa and Coming to a Dance Floor Near You

Even during the pandemic, amapiano, a bright, jazzy dance music culled from local house flavors and global R&B, has persisted as the country’s top genre, according to prominent South African artists and DJs. “I think it’s the first time a genre of ours dominates our own airplay more than international songs,” says Busiswa, a South African house superstar who’s worked with Beyoncé, and whose discography spans the subgenres gqom, kwaito, and newly, amapiano.

While amapiano is huge in South Africa, it’s also transcended borders. On TikTok, the #amapiano hashtag stands at more than 570 million views. Shares of global streams on the AmaPianoGrooves playlist on Spotify have increased 116 percent globally over the past year; the increase in the U.S. is 75 percent.


NOW... with the influx of learners wanting to concentrate on 'Strictly AmaPiano learning' DJ and Music Production Institute has launched their very own course.

From basics - intermediate in a few sessions with your Lecturer you will learn how to master the popular genre. Did we mention 1 on 1 learning. 



  • Advanced Amapiano drum beats
  • VST Instruments used in the Amapiano genre
  • Advanced arrangement
  • Automation/Playlist
  • Mixer/EQ
  • Effects
  • Exporting
  • Layering sounds
  • (Slides and automation) - Piano + Playlist
  • Piano roll and Playlist / Rendering 
  • Loops & sampling
  • Complete 2/3 tracks 

    To take part in this course you will need your own PC/Laptop, as this is our preferred way of teaching, although we have all equipment to get you started and making hits. 

Check it out -
Basics -
Intermediate -
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How to Enrol

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Frequently asked questions

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Choosing a course?

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Student reference (Thulani aka Dj Quality)

DJ And Music Production Institute gave me an opportunity to study one of their DJ Course (Pro) through their high class facility with one on one lessons with their lectures on the latest Pioneer DJ Machines. It's a friendly environment where one get to upgrade their skills and gather new one's. Also not forget the workshop's that helped me to understand more about the Pioneer DJ brand and its machines. Its one institution a person cannot go wrong about choosing and I would really recommend new students to hop in. 


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Student reference (Joy Alison Steffens)

I always walk out after a one-on-one session so excited and can't wait to get home to practice.
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Best USB for DJ's?

Long-gone are the days of having to carry heavy crates of vinyl to DJ gigs.

Nowadays all you need is a couple of good USB sticks to plug into the CDJ’s and a great pair of DJ headphones.

Unfortunately, buying a good USB stick for your DJ sets isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think. The USB drive you choose for DJ’ing needs to be durable, fast and of course, have enough memory to store your music.

We have taken these factors into consideration while putting together this list. All of the USB drives featured in this post are highly recommended for DJ’s.


Corsair CMFSS3B-64GB Flash Survivor Stealth 64 GB

The Corsair ‘Survivor’ range of USB drives are perhaps the most rugged on the market. The shell is made out of Military-style materials making the USB drive virtually indestructible. It’s waterproof (up to 200m), shockproof and very fast.

Store all your tunes without worry on this bad-boy stick – This is the stick of choice for the clumsy DJ!


SanDisk Extreme CZ80 64GB

http://This powerful USB stick is perhaps the fastest on the market. Transfer your tunes in lightening speed (Read Up To 245MB/s; Write Up To 190MB/s). This is more expensive than some of the other options but if you want a USB drive for DJ gigs that won’t let you down it comes highly recommended. 

This is the one for the speed freaks 

More Info / Buy From Amazon


Samsung MUF-BA 64 GB 3.0 Memory Bar USB Flash Drive

This super-sleek looking USB drive is one of the best-looking driDJ USB Stickves n the market, but more importantly, it’s innovative design also makes it one of the most durable DJ USB drives around.

Waterproof, X-Ray proof, Shock resistant and a five-year warranty just in case! Whats more this is one of the cheapest drives we have featured in this post with a price of around £25 for the 64gb version!


Verbatim 98750 64GB USB

USB DJThis tiny USB stick isn’t the fastest in our list but it has a lot going for it. It’s tiny and very tough! Make no mistake, this is a great bit of kit for any DJ!


Kingston Technology 64 GB DataTraveler

USB Drive DjKeep this great USB drive on your keys at all times and never forget it when you head off to your gigs! This drive is powerful – 64gb of memory, fast read/write speeds and Guaranteed with five years warranty & free technical support.

This stick won’t let you down when it matters.

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