Student reference (Joy Alison Steffens)

What a great experience to walk into this institute and be shown how to deejay on my #rekordbox and now of course trying out the grandmaster of Pioneer cdjays.

I always walk out after a one-on-one session so excited and can't wait to get home to practice.  It is wonderful to be taught the different things that a deejay has to face and what it takes to be good and Elster does a great job assisting one with this. Learning a new skill in my 50's has been attributable to Elster and thank you for sharing your expertise with me and believing in my ability.  It's been such a pleasure being a student of yours even at 60 - age is just a number as you always say.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to live my dream :) #mammabearsteffs 

:) JOY