Turntablism Dj Course

R 5,000.00

Course Outline:

2021 and Turntablism/Records are making a come-back, we have bumped up our turntablism course and brought in the ‘Pro’s of scratching’. Bring your own Vinyls or choose from our selection of House Music Vinyls. This course includes 8 lessons, 2 Hours each. Each lesson comprises of 1 Hour theory with the a professional Pioneer certified lecturer and 1 hour practice. It is essential to practice as ‘Turntablism is an art’ defined by you. We have called in the professionals to teach (Scratching/Juggling/Cuts), one of SA’s top Hip Hop / Scratch Dj’s will accompany you in your final 4 lessons.


Topics covered include:

History of Turntables

Getting to know Turntables

Setting up Turntables with your current setup

Turntables - Digital setup

Basic Mixing Technique

Cue points

Beat matching

Slowing, Catching the beat

Set Structure

Scratching, Juggling (Industry DJ’s) 

Creating a intro & outro



8 x 2 Hour Lessons




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