PRO DJ Course (8th Bday Sale)

R 4,875.00 R 6,500.00

The Pro DJ Course from DJ & Music Production Institute is setting new boundaries for DJ's, taught by Industry Pro Dj's

Controlling 3 Decks, from your very own Pioneer Rekordbox playlist, Hot cue's, Pro Effects, Live drops and so much more... Develop your rhythmic and musical style, while mastering today’s leading DJ technology and live instruments in the DJ room. The purpose of this training is to gain experience through practice, In addition to a healthy dose of one on one practical lesson’s with your DJ lecturer.


Topics covered include:

Creating an intro
Hot- cue `s, Sampling and Pitch Riding
Trigger finger Pro, Live drops
Chained Effects and looping 
Ultimix style of mixing (3 decks) 
Rekordbox Dj software
Recording an Ultimix for radio stations & ''how to submit to radio''
Advanced set structure
Working with different digital setup's and live instruments



12 x 2Hr sessions

1 on 1 Classes

*Lessons are completed in your own time (2Month limit)

Graduation days are fun for the family/friends to join and see your new skills, after passing your course you will receive a Certificate


Payment Options:

Once off – R6500

2 Month payment plan – R3400 + R3400 = R6800

3 Month payment plan – R2400 + R2400 + R2400 = R7200

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