PRO DJ Course

R 6,500.00

Welcome to The Pro DJ Course, an advanced program designed to advance your DJ skills to professional levels. Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in The Basics - DJ Course, this comprehensive curriculum delves deeper into the intricacies of modern DJing techniques and performance needed in the club or main stage.

Led by industry-renowned Pioneer DJ accredited Lecturers, you'll delve into advanced beat matching techniques, creative mixing strategies, and the utilization of effects to craft seamless and dynamic sets.

Through intensive hands-on training, you'll gain mastery over a wide range of Pioneer DJ gear, industry-standard software such as Rekordbox DJ, and explore cutting-edge performance technologies. 
Our immersive learning approach combines expert 1 on 1 instruction with extensive practice sessions, ensuring that you develop the technical proficiency and creative flair needed to captivate audiences in any setting.

Each session is carefully crafted to provide personalized guidance and feedback, empowering you to refine your skills and push the boundaries of your artistic
In the culminating session, you'll demonstrate your expertise through a live performance
showcase, professionally recorded and produced to showcase your talent and versatility. Armed with a comprehensive skill set and professional-grade portfolio, you'll be equipped to confidently pursue opportunities in clubs, festivals, and events, establishing yourself as a respected and sought-after presence in the competitive world of professional DJing.

Join us and unlock your full potential as a Pro DJ in today's dynamic music industry.

Course Overview:
Introduction to DJs & Artists (Creating A DJ Brand)
● DJ Name, Social Media Platforms
● Sources of Music 
● Rekordbox
● Creating Playlists, Set structure 
● Advanced techniques - club standard gear
● Beatmatching, Mixing with EQ
● Color FXs & Pads
● Live Drops
●Camelot System, Mixing in Key
● One on One DJ set with the Lecturer
● Audio + Video Recording

Entry Requirements:
Bring your groove and your laptop – we've got the rest covered! At our DJ course, students can use any laptop they like. While we provide all the gear you'll need to get started, having your own laptop helps you work on playlists at home. All you need to join is two USBs and a passion for music. Get ready to mix, scratch, and spin your way to DJ greatness!

12 Lessons
2 Hours Per Lesson
*2 Month Limit

1 on 1 Classes
Lessons are scheduled with your Lecturer

Graduation days are fun as your family and friends join to celebrate your accomplishments and witness the unveiling of your newfound skills! Upon successfully completing your course, you'll be awarded a Pioneer DJ certificate, symbolizing your dedication and achievement.

Payment Options
1. One-time Payment Option:
Total: R6500

2. Two-Month Payment Plan:
● First Installment: R3400
● Second Installment: R3400
Total: R6800

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