DJ Course Basics

R 3,150.00

The Basics - DJ Course is a great place to get started, it covers a great deal of topics which are relative to today’s DJ'ing world. Accompanied by Accredited Pioneer DJ Lecturers learn to beat match and get to know your way around DJ controllers and Rekordbox DJ software.

The purpose of this training is to gain experience through practice, In addition to a healthy dose of one on one practical lessons. Upon completion of this training you will walk away with a video recording of your very own ‘DJ mix’.

Certificate’s are received on graduation day.

Topics covered include:

Getting to know Pioneer DJ Gear
Music Genres
Cue Points
Beat Matching and Mixing in Key
Introducing a track
Taking the opposing track out
Rekordbox DJ Set structure
Recording a mix (used to promote yourself)
Explanation of the digital DJ realm

Duration: *These lessons are completed in your own time
8 Hours one on one training
8 Hours practice


Registration fee included

*Once completed bump up your DJ Skills with a PRO DJ course from DJ & Music Production Institute 


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