Music Production with Malik Faquir (FL Studio)

R 10,000.00

Delve into the captivating world of electronic music production with our specialized
course focused on the distinctive style of Malik Faquir. 

Through 10 dynamic lessons, aspiring producers will embark on a trans-formative journey, unlocking the secrets behind Faquir's emotive soundscapes and intricate compositions. From mastering evocative chord progressions to crafting organic rhythms and textures, participants will immerse themselves in the techniques that define Faquir's genre-defying music.

Guided by Malik Faquir himself, students will dissect his signature production methods,
gaining invaluable insights into his creative process. Through hands-on exercises and
interactive sessions, learners will refine their skills in sound design, arrangement, and
mixing, honing their ability to evoke emotion and atmosphere in their own productions.
By the course's conclusion, participants will emerge with a deep understanding of
Faquir's sonic palette and the tools to express their unique artistic vision in the large
electronic music landscape.

Course Overview

Lesson 1:
Introduction to Fruity Loops, Influential Artists and Genres
● Malik’s perspective of FL Studio’s Interface
● Navigating through Malik’s Plugins of Choice (Generators and Effects)
● Overview of musical styles and influences
● Understanding the route and process of making a full track
● Setting creative goals for the course

Lesson 2:
Deep Dive into Organic Drum Programming
● Quick navigation of the Channel Rack
● Understanding certain rhythmic intricacies
● Drum programming techniques for creating dynamic rhythms
● Incorporating live percussion and Foley sounds for texture and depth
● Approaches for creating organic and natural-sounding textures (ADSR, Swing & manual Swing)

Lesson 3:
Working with Midi + Basic Piano Theory
● Navigating the Piano Roll
● Working with MIDI in the Piano Roll
● How to build chords and melodies in the Piano Roll
● How to dump scores

Lesson 4:
Deep Dive into Sound Design and Modulation
● Exploring Malik’s digital synthesizers of choice (Native Instruments - Massive or xFer -
● Exploring modulation techniques,(wavetable modulation)
● Creative use of effects processing for texture, movement, and atmosphere
● Creating your own libraries of presets

Lesson 5:
Chord Progressions and Harmonic Structures
● Exploring basic harmonic structures and chord progressions typical in Malik’s tracks
● Techniques for creating emotive and expressive melodies
● Layering, automating and voicing for depth and richness

Lesson 6:
Experimental Arrangement and Song Structures
● Quick navigation and organization of the Playlist
● Incorporating narrative and storytelling elements into music production
● Organising and labelling the playlist
● Creating the full structure of the Track
● Arranging patterns and audio clips in the playlist
● Incorporating automation to create evolving soundscapes

Lesson 7:
Spatial Awareness and Creative Mixing Techniques
● Navigating the Mixer
● Organizing and labeling the Mixer

Lesson 8:
● Assigning sounds to the mixer
● Understanding Intermediate mix down (Volume, EQ, Panning & Stereo Separation)
● Understanding Intermediate effects (Sidechaining &Transient Processing)

Lesson 9:
● Assessment of your project
● Save/Export File Formats
● Assessment of your exported track

Lesson 10:
● Assessment of your exported track and final changes before graduation

Career Prospects
● Gain expertise as an electronic music producer, mastering various software and
hardware tools to create original tracks and remixes.
● Explore opportunities as a composer for diverse media platforms including games, films, TV shows, and advertisements, showcasing your ability to evoke emotions and enhance storytelling through music.
● Develop skills to perform your own music live, opening doors to gigs, concerts, and festivals, where you can connect with audiences and build your fan base.

Entry Requirements
To enroll in this course, it is advised to have access to a personal computer or laptop to
facilitate practice sessions at home, aligning with our instructional approach. While we have all the equipment to get you started, owning a personal device ensures continuity and flexibility in your educational endeavors.
Moreover, we strongly advise students to equip themselves with a pen and notebook during class sessions. This practice enhances note-taking, enabling comprehensive understanding of course material.

10 Lessons
2 Hours Per Lesson
2 Month Limit
1 on 1 Classes

Lessons are scheduled with your Lecturer

Graduation days are fun as your family and friends join to celebrate your accomplishments and witness the unveiling of your newfound skills! Upon successfully completing your course, you'll be awarded a prestigious certificate, symbolizing your dedication and achievement.

Payment Options
1. One-time Payment Option:
● Total: R10000

2. Two-Month Payment Plan:
● First Installment: R6000
● Second Installment: R6000
● Total: R12000


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