Introducing... AmaPiano Music Production

Inside the Rise of Amapiano, the Genre That’s Taking Over South Africa and Coming to a Dance Floor Near You

Even during the pandemic, amapiano, a bright, jazzy dance music culled from local house flavors and global R&B, has persisted as the country’s top genre, according to prominent South African artists and DJs. “I think it’s the first time a genre of ours dominates our own airplay more than international songs,” says Busiswa, a South African house superstar who’s worked with Beyoncé, and whose discography spans the subgenres gqom, kwaito, and newly, amapiano.

While amapiano is huge in South Africa, it’s also transcended borders. On TikTok, the #amapiano hashtag stands at more than 570 million views. Shares of global streams on the AmaPianoGrooves playlist on Spotify have increased 116 percent globally over the past year; the increase in the U.S. is 75 percent.


NOW... with the influx of learners wanting to concentrate on 'Strictly AmaPiano learning' DJ and Music Production Institute has launched their very own course.

From basics - intermediate in a few sessions with your Lecturer you will learn how to master the popular genre. Did we mention 1 on 1 learning. 



  • Advanced Amapiano drum beats
  • VST Instruments used in the Amapiano genre
  • Advanced arrangement
  • Automation/Playlist
  • Mixer/EQ
  • Effects
  • Exporting
  • Layering sounds
  • (Slides and automation) - Piano + Playlist
  • Piano roll and Playlist / Rendering 
  • Loops & sampling
  • Complete 2/3 tracks 

    To take part in this course you will need your own PC/Laptop, as this is our preferred way of teaching, although we have all equipment to get you started and making hits. 

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