Artist DJ Course(equivalent to Grade 5)

R 9,000.00

DJ & Music Production Institute has partnered with the University Of West London College of examinations and are delighted to offer a brand new range of graded exams for DJs in South Africa in association with Future DJ's.

With our highly skilled DJ tutors teaching you in 1 on 1 environment, which will prepare you to take the new forward-thinking exams.

The standard required at Artist level is considered suitable to perform to an audience. You should show flair with techniques like advanced scratching and looping and a variety of effects should be used to create moods in mixing. You should be developing a personal style and sound, and musicality is judged to be an important element of assessment.

Topics covered include:

Advanced Rekordbox DJ
Mixing in key
Advanced Cue points and Hot cues alongside juggling 
Vinyl mode
Catching and slowing advanced method
Genre change mixing technique
Advanced mixing with EQ
Spinback / Filter / Looping
Scratching and beat juggling techniques
Practice sessions
Improvised routine
Aural exam preparation 
Final mix
Online exam 

14 x 2Hr sessions
1 on 1 Classes
*Lessons are completed in your own time (3 Month limit)

These exams will only be conducted at specialist exam centers (Sandton). Exams are hosted every 3 months and marked by the University Of West London Examiners via an online setup. 

How exams are marked

Exam Components

Examination levels

In addition to the requirements for Debut and Breakthrough levels, candidates may be asked to:
• show good knowledge of the various equipment set-ups that a DJ can use to perform and be able to demonstrate knowledge of advanced features of the equipment
•demonstrate a detailed knowledge of equipment functions and setting up and signal flow
•demonstrate awareness of harmonic mixing by describing various methods which can be used to determine whether two keys are complimentary or not
• describe aspects of form and instrumentation in their selected tracks
• demonstrate knowledge of each of the genres performed including tempo, origin, characteristics and note-able artists and labels
•demonstrate a self-critical awareness of your performance indicating to the examiner which aspects you were happy or unhappy with, and why

Regulated qualification information
The table below shows the qualification number, title, Guided Learning Hours (GLH), Total Qualification Time (TQT) and credit value of each level. The awarding organisation is University of West London Qualifications (UWLQ). Please contact us, or consult the Register of Regulated Qualifications:, for further details.
Graded examinations

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