Superclass (Advanced Music Production)

R 12,000.00 R 15,000.00

The SUPERCLASS series feat Legendary Dj's and Producers and You in a 1 on 1 environment 

Featuring Wes Meyer 

Learn with the greats of the music industry, with years of experience to pass down, there is no better way to learn and fast track your way into the ever changing entertainment realm 

Course Overview:

• Researching local and International Top 40 and chart music
• The Hype Factor
• Dissecting the elements involved that make the tracks a hit
• Analysis of the tracks arrangements
• Key signatures, Chord progressions and Melodies
• Timing, Tempo, rhythm and syncopation
• Analyzing your music
• Starting your session and arrangement
• Strength & Weaknesses (When to use session musicians or Sample packs)
• Finding your vocalist and planning the recording
• Lyrics, Emotion, Tone and feeling
• Vocal recording, layering, harmonies, ad libs, variations & Hooks
• Vocal cleanup, pitching, processing, engineering and effects
• Mixing, Dynamics, Effects, Pre-master and Stems
• Mastering, Mastering engineers and formats
• Marketing and promotion

1 on 1 Classes 

8 x 2 Hr Sessions  

Enroll today: / (011) 025 7235 

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