Pioneer PRO ARTIST Course (Ableton Live)

R 7,000.00 R 10,000.00

Playing two songs has become the new basic DJing at Pioneer DJ Institute, in this course we delve deeper into becoming a true ARTIST. Not just creatively playing tracks but playing your own creations in Ableton Live 9 on a Midi controller of your choice.

Recently we’ve seen Ableton Live establish itself as a popular and powerful DJ tool, with many top DJ's routinely using the software in clubs and stages around the world. While the switch to Live may be daunting for those accustomed to traditional DJ paradigms, the advanced performance capabilities offered can be very worthwhile. In this series, we explore how DJs new to Ableton can use Live 9 to unlock greater creativity in the booth, starting with an overview of Session View and a lesson on how to easily warp dance music for sets.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting to know the artist
  • Setting up in the Nightclub or at home
  • Sound Card options & audio settings
  • Ableton Basics (Layout)
  • Ableton Session view Vs Ableton Arrangement view 
  • Basic Mixing technique 
  • Sampling Midi & Audio
  • FX part 1 & FX part 2
  • Creating your own beats
  • Prepare a 30min Live mix

See the video here: 

Some of the benefits of Live for DJs:

  • Songs stay perfectly in sync without manual beatmatching with track warping
  • Song tempo can be changed without affecting pitch
  • On-the-fly remixes and mashups
  • Top notch built-in effects
  • Unparalleled flexibility: set up your Live DJ template any way you want it
  • Unlimited number of virtual “decks”

Includes: Two free workshops & Free T-Shirt 

14 Hours one on one training
14 Hours Practice

Course overview:

Develop your rhythmic and musical style as an artist, while mastering today’s leading Ableton Live Midi controllers.


Certificate’s are received on graduation day.

Pioneer DJ Institute hosts 'Friday Sessions' every Friday at the store, students are encouraged to join these sessions and meet celebrity artists and play music alongside other DJ students

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